Thursday, September 20, 2012


When you are a wife, mother to a toddler, run your own business, have a job as an apartment manager, volunteer as a Financial Adviser for TWO sororities and prepare for a major move across is definitely a struggle to make yourself and your health a priority.

I haven't stepped on the scale in over a month, and let me tell you....I was SCARED! Scared to death is a more accurate description. I haven't been eating very well, started drinking pop again (thanks to our bosses that supply A LOT of junk during peak season when we're turning over apartments during the busiest time of year) and I stopped running altogether. I decided that I needed to face the music of my poor choices rather than continue to avoid them.

I find it quite entertaining that when I had the sudden urge to get on the scale tonight, I was holding a large glass of milk in one hand and cookies in the other! HA!!

I walked into our bathroom, turned the scale on, and took a deep breath. When I stepped forward onto the scale, I closed my eyes and held my breath.....I opened one eye to see what the "ugly" number was looking back at me and.....

I LOST .8LBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 AHHHHHHHH! I screamed so loud my daughter jumped 10 feet in the air. I weight myself two more times just to make sure that I was really reading 196.8lbs!

 That makes my total loss 12lbs (down from my heaviest at 208.8lbs) on the nose but 7.8lb loss for MFP when I originally joined that site before I gained all my weight back and then some. I'm going to take this .8lb weight loss as a little gift or a "reality check" and run with it! LOL!

I plan on recommitting to my running/eating routine after we get settled from our move (I know, lame excuse, but I'm barely holding onto my sanity enough as it is with everything else that's going on and I know that running is suppose to be therapeutic, but it's more stressful to find the time to actually do it at this point). I saw this tonight on a friend's Facebook that made me laugh...

I've been really "re-inspired" this week, by my friend Susan. She just started her own journey to getting healthier for her little munchkin and watching her work towards her goal and celebrating her victories with her, makes me miss having my running routine or making better food choices and working on my journey. We've been actually talking about getting together to do some fun stuff that includes exercising with our kiddos! I know I'll get back on track when our lives have a little more stability. I canNOT wait for more stability and routine, let me tell ya! :-) I may have to adjust the end date for my goal a little...but I'm okay with that. I'm only human and life happens ;-)

Hope the rest of you that are out there trying to get healthier are doing amazing!!!

Much Love,