Friday, December 14, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

Piggy-backing off my post a while back about being SCARED....well, what I feared at that point, finally caught up with me! Crap :-(

I was STUNNED to see a 0.8 lb weight loss after completely dropping all activities and eating habits to stay healthy while we were getting ready for our big move. It breaks my heart to report that when I stepped on the scale a week ago, I saw 213.2 lbs. NO...#*$&*$^#*%...WAY! At the time, I honestly wasn't quite sure how to feel about that number, or process what that number was. That number....that's the heaviest I've ever weighed in my ENTIRE life.

You could say that ANGER was definitely one of the immediate emotions I felt. Just angry at myself. I have NO idea why I struggle with going back and forth with this weight loss journey I'm trying to focus on. This is the THIRD time I've fallen backwards since I committed myself to this journey almost two years ago. Something's gotta give! I can sit here and try to think of a million reasons why it got to this point. But I don't want to. Plain and simple. I stopped. Yeah, I was in the middle of a major move, the holidays are here, I've been learning how to adjust to our new life here, the weather is awful and I don't have a treadmill to keep up with jogging....but honestly, why couldn't I go for a walk? Why couldn't I keep up with my jogging when I'd come so far before we moved? Or try to find some indoor workouts?

I may never figure out the answers to those questions.....but what I do know is that if I want to keep up with the changes I want to see in myself, I need to make motivation a first thought at the beginning of every day. I want to transform, I need to transform for my sake and my family's sake. That's honestly all the motivation I need. Thank you for that food for thought Tim :-)

Speaking of Tim and Tim Arndt guys have heard me talk about Tim before. I've known Tim for quite some time and I swear he has the best timing with things! When I made the BIG committment to losing weight back in May, shortly after Tim came out with his limited time Transformation sweatshirt that I just had to buy because that's exactly what I wanted, to transform myself. Me in my Transformation hoodie! :-)

Even though this hoodie is no longer available for purchase (as far as I know), Tim just came out with an entire new collection of shirts and bracelets that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! His new tag line is PERFECT...

"Fitness is SIMPLE, it's just not EASY" - this is SO true!!!

How many of you out there wanted to get fit/start your fitness journey, but didn't know where to turn or what to do because of being overwhelmed by all the information out there!? Let me be the first to raise my hand! I still, to this day, get incredibly overwhelmed on what route to take. Should I start a jogging program? Weight training - where the heck to start? What kind of eating program should I try along with my fitness program? Etc, etc! As Tim puts it amazingly...

"it's a tag-line I've used for quite some time now.  I started using it because the more I learn about fitness and exercise the more I realize that it isn't that complicated.  Even so, hardly anybody is doing it!  What gives?  Well, the honest to goodness truth is IT'S HARD!  And guess what?  The human body does not like this!  It likes to take the path of least resistance in just about anything.  For example, how many of you can honestly say your reading this with perfect posture right now?  That's what I thought!  It's SO much easier to let your shoulders hunch forward, relax your muscles and let your body's structure (bones & ligaments) keep you upright.  Imagine what that does to your daily calorie burn!  There's some food for thought.

Too many of us are letting ourselves get caught up in the complexity of health and fitness.  Things like muscle confusion, super slow training, slow burn, Crossfit and a host of other marketing programs have made it difficult to figure out what is the "best way" to get in shape.  I've had many who were really motivated to want to transform their bodies or improve their health but didn't do it because they didn't know how to go about doing it.  Uh, try walking!  Seriously, it truly is a simple concept!  I've helped hundreds of clients transform their bodies and health through the most basic workouts.  The key was they worked hard during them.  I'm pretty sure in the old days farmers and hunters were pretty healthy and in good shape and they didn't give a single thought about what the best way to get healthy or fit was.  They just worked and worked hard!

Think about it this way, running is simple, we all know how to do it.  But a 100 meter sprint or running a marathon is not easy.  That's why I decided to make some shirts and a hoodie with this tag-line on it.  To be a constant reminder to you to keep your workouts simple but to push yourself at the same time.  This my friends, is the secret to getting results!
" - Tim Arndt

Okay, be honest, how many of you sat up straight after reading the first bit of Tim's newsletter?! hahaha! I know I did!! Tim has a FREE newsletter where he offers fitness tips for FREE of charge! Who doesn't like free stuff?! If you liked what Tim had to say above, I highly recommend signing up now, you can do that HERE!

I absolutely did NOT hesitate purchasing something from his new line! Here's the shirt and bracelet that I just purchased...

*also available in BLACK

Check out all the other Tim Arndt Fitness swag available HERE! There are zip up hoodies, men's shirts and women's crew neck shirts available too!! :-) I seriously can't wait to get my hands on my new items! His presale is happening NOW and all items are discounted so get your FAST before it's too late!!! :-)

For more info about Tim Arndt Fitness and the services he offers, check out my "People/Sites/Blogs I Love" page for Tim's Facebook page and more!

As much plugging as I've done for Tim, NO - I am not getting paid to do this in any way shape or form! I'm just THAT passionate about Tim's philosophy regarding fitness and the help that he has given me and continues to give me for free is just incredible. It's a no brainer that we all need to make a living, which is why I'm very thankful for people like Tim that are just as equally passionate about helping people succeed and achieve their goals, that they're willing to do stuff like this. I can sit here all day and rave about it, but you should take the time to check it all out for yourself ;-)

If there is anyone in the same boat with me, experiencing the frustration, please feel free to share and vent to get that frustration off your chest, like I have, to hopefully help you move forward with your goals! :-)