-About Me-

*My name is Caty*
*I'm 26 years old*
*I'm hyper, loud and fun*
*I'm always on the go and always looking for fun things to do* 
*You'll usually find me smiling and laughing - life is too short to be doing anything else*
*I'm a huge believer in RESPECT. Always respect those around you, even if you're not fond of them, or don't always agree with them* 
*I take the saying "live in the moment" to heart, especially since becoming a parent*
*I definitely believe everything happens for a reason*
*I'm a Stay at Home Mom*
*Married to my husband for almost 3 years and have been together for over 9 years*
*I run my own sewing business*
*I'm a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and serve as my local chapter's Alumnae Financial Adviser*
*I'm a gal that loves a good laugh so I like to make jokes and funny comments*

What I hope you'll get from this blog: laughter, motivation & inspiration, which is why I created this blog in the first place. Not just because I want to share my story but so that anyone that reads it can see that they CAN do this. I'm a wife, mother, business owner and usually because of all that I have about two seconds of every day to sleep haha! But, I MAKING time because I made a decision to take care of myself and it was simple...if I wanted to I'd find a way and not make excuses :-)

In high school, I was a triple season athlete and weight lifter at a healthy 150lbs. As soon as I graduated high school and arrived at college, being away from my boyfriend (who is now my hubby), away from my friends, family and everything that was familiar, I started abusing food to fill that void. Within a year I gained about 30lbs and it just got worse from there. I tried every crash diet to get back to where I was but bottom line, nothing I tried were the healthiest way to go about weight loss. I would also start working out or start making better food choices but wouldn't stick with it, made all the excuses, tried justifying my wrong choices and so much more. 

You might be asking, why now? What pushed me to never look back? Most people have that "moment". That moment where everything just seems to all of a sudden make sense, line up, or feel right...that happened to me on May 21st, 2012 when I stepped on the scale and saw a number that made me, for lack of a better word, pissed. I was the heaviest I had ever been at 208.8lbs. I never even weighed that much when I was pregnant. I was completely upset and disappointed with myself. Then the next day, I saw this very picture...

Don't ask my why or how this was the very picture/quote that kicked my butt into gear, but it did the trick :-) Eating right and exercise come SO much easier, when you have the right mindset!

Once I had the motivation and the mindset, the research bug bit me! If I was going to really do this, I wanted to know the best ways to get healthy and how to be a healthy person. I learned that a healthy weight loss is ONE pound a week! Did you know that? I realize that it can vary depending on each person but this was the all around number that I found throughout my searching. If you're counting calories, it really does make a huge difference what kind of calories you're taking in. I know that sounds but when I started counting calories about a year ago, I was using empty or "bad" calories to get to my total calorie consumption. BIG NO NO! Don't just eat those not so nice "empty" calories. If you're going to lose weight or want to get fit, do some research and make sure it's credible :-) Do the work. Just start somewhere, anywhere! That's what I did :-)

I enjoying interacting with and meeting new people, so say "Hello"! :-)