Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Life Happens

Life has totally gotten in the way this week and I haven't been out to run since Saturday :-( I had a couple huge sewing orders for my business that I had to finish in a shorter amount of time than normal, so I had to dedicate all my time to getting them finished by today, but that meant I couldn't get a run in edge wise. I know that sounded a little bit like an excuse, but my husband can vouch for me! ;-) I have never had a problem making time for a run, but it was definitely impossible with the time crunch. But last night, I was going to get out for my jog. I was determined to fit it in....

Well, yesterday I had what, HOPEFULLY, is my last dental appointment for at least 10 more years! When I showed up to the dentist, it was my second visit in two weeks to have fillings replaced that were put in about 10 years ago. I looked at the dentist and said, "I don't want to come back for ANOTHER visit, so just do what you gotta do to have me done TODAY please." It was only hours later that I would totally regret that request. It felt like someone took a baseball bat to my head. Not to mention that shortly after my appointment was over, I was SO numb, I couldn't feel the entire bottom half of my jaw because for some reason my face didn't want to get numb with the first round of Novocaine, so they had to give me a second round. I couldn't form words when I talked and I couldn't stop laughing because of how I sounded.


I wish I'd looked this good with the way my face hurt, but I definitely didn't! LOL!

As you can probably guess, I did NOT get to run like I wanted yesterday no matter how determined I was to do it. With every step I made, my head THROBBED :-( And on top of that, I pretty much blew my calorie intake out of the water! :-( I felt pretty guilty already for missing my run, but then to consume so much food....I was feeling pretty low.

BUT, it was just one day. I hadn't planned on making it a daily happen and I felt like it wasn't even a moment of weakness. For some reason, my body just wasn't satisfied. My stomach kept growling like CRAZY! Sometimes to the point of hurting if I didn't eat. I made good choices throughout the entire day, but the saying is true, that you can have too much of a good thing sometimes ;-)

If you have a "bad" day like mine, it's okay, you're allowed to beat yourself up a little but don't DWELL on that fact that it was a bad day (which was tough for me to not to but I got through it). It matters what you do to pick yourself back up after the bad stuff happens. What will I be doing?? As soon as I publish this post, I'm headed out for a run ;-) Damn you "Runner's High", you're addicting!!

To end this post on a good note, aside from my struggles yesterday, this has been a great week for me. I jogged three straight miles for the first time in my life doing interval training, I hit 30 days in a row for logging onto My Fitness Pal (this is the most in a row I've ever logged in before and I plan to crush this number haha) and my weigh in was Monday...I LOST 3lbs!!! WOO HOO! :-)